Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Coloring outside the lines

Lesson 1:
(be original, not perfect)

     Ask a Kindergartener why they didn't stay in the lines when they colored a picture. You might get

an answer like "I didn't want to" or "It was more fun that way" It's not a big deal to them. While we

look at going outside the lines as not good or as an un-development, a Kindergartener will look at it

as a freedom, they have not yet been brainwashed into having to follow man made rules. Think about

it, who's rule is it to stay inside the lines or a more important question may be who drew the lines in 

the first place?

Look closer at a picture that a Kindergartener colored. Do you see anything added in the page? A

Kindergartener may see things that are not in the picture that they think should be there so they add it

in. There is nothing in the sky so they draw in a sun, clouds or stars.  They may add food on the plate,

a bow in the child's hair. They don't see just what's on the page but beyond it. Instead of getting

frustrated that it's not there, they fix the problem. Is there a service that is not being offered that you

need or a product that you can not find? Well fix the problem. Come up with the product and offer it

for sale. Find someone that can do the service and make a business. Add in what you don't see!


Another thing you may want to look at is how you may find a Kindergartener colors a dog pink.

You may ask why did you color the dog pink? There are no pink dogs. The Kindergartener may tell

you, "I wanted to color the dog pink." Again, they don't follow what is typical, what is seen.  The do

what they want to do and like it. They still have this great thing called imagination and they use it all

the time. If we did things by what we see and what the rules are rather it be in writing, art, school or

business then there wouldn't be any creativity. We can not do things how they always are done. When

we think outside the box or color outside the lines, then we get successful ideas, successful

inventions, successful projects and successful businesses.

What's the next step for you?

Get a coloring book, choose a page and color with freedom. Don't worry about coloring outside the lines. Don't worry about coloring everything the "right" color. Feel the freedom!

Take it even further

Think of a business you like, a product that you enjoy or a story you love. Write down how you can make it different by changing the design, strategy or how it is ran. What would you add to the it to make it different? How can you change it so much that it is no longer the same, but your own original idea?

Be a Rock Star

Act on your idea, make it happen!