Friday, March 9, 2012

March Bunny Hop Winner!

Congratulations to Andrea A. ! She is the winner of a $25 Sally Gift Card! I have send Andrea an email and she has until Monday to claim her prize.

To everyone who participated in the giveaway, I enjoyed reading your comments and hope that you all will keep checking out my posts. Be on the look out for my next giveaway!

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Staple in my hair regime!

I have been looking for a complete hair regime for a little over a year. I have a routine but not my staple products yet. The only one that I have had for the past 6 months is my daily hair moisturizer.

Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 Miracle Spray

I love this stuff! It's not too liquidly either. It's a thick spray that works like an activator with out all the greasy feel! I would highly recommend tying it out! My hair seems to love it and went through withdrawal after I ran out and didn't by another for four days. So far I have only found it at Sally's but it may be available at your local black beauty supply.

Well I just added my second staple. I love to cowash and will only use shampoo if I go to a salon. I have tried dozens of conditioners. I actually am a product junky when it comes to conditioners. When I find a new one that promises moisture, I have to try it out.  The best one I have recently found is  Pantene's Nature Fusion- Moisture Balance

This conditioner left my hair feeling soft and manageable. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, I used it for two weeks and got the same results each time. So it is a keeper. I can't say I won't try other conditioners, but I'm no longer looking for "the one."

Oh wait, how could I forget about my oils. I can call these a staple as well because I have used these faithfully without experimenting.

 I use coconut oil mostly for a sealant and sometimes use it for my scalp as well. The alma oil i use to for scalp and hair as well. Alma can be found at most Indian grocery stores and the coconut oil at any grocery store and GNC. 

Feel free to share your staple products!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

March Giveaway-Bunny Hop!

Win a $25 Sally's Gift Card!

I live in a small town where the nearest black beauty supply is a few miles away and the department stores don't carry a variety of the products I like. Sally's Beauty Supply is right around the corner from where I live and I have always found the products and hair items that I need. My favorite hair product at the moment is Hawaiian Silky's 13 in 1 Miracle spray. This keeps my hair moisturized and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. 

As part of the Bunny Hop Giveaway I will award one lucky winner will win a gift card to Sally's to buy their favorite hair product, item or to try out something new! Winner will have the choice of an electronic gift card or physical gift card mailed out to them. 

Win $25 to Sally's Beauty Supply and treat your hair with some great products! Enter through the Rafflecopter below!

Find all the Bunny Hop Giveaways HERE and enter for the big prize!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog warming winner

  Thank you to everyone that entered in my very first giveaway! Nick F. was the winner and he received a $25 Amazon gift card! Congratulations! Look out for my next giveaway coming really soon!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Giving is Rewarding!

     One of my main reasons of starting this blog was so I can host giveaways. I read so many blogs that constantly host giveaways and immediately wanted to do the same. I have been fortunate enough to have family that has been able to help me out whenever I needed it. I've always been on the receiving side and it's not the greatest feeling. I have always wanted to be the giver. I have started out by giving a little here and there to charities and now this blog will allow me to a least bring a smile to others!

     My plans are to have giveaways for a variety of items.  When I try something new or something that I love, I plan on buying more than one and sharing some with my readers. I love when birthdays and holidays come around because it gives me a chance to shop for someone else. The feeling of making someone happy or smile warms the heart. So even if you don't have much, there is always something you can do. When I had nothing, I use to give my children's nicer clothing that they outgrew to a family that needed it. As you are blessed more in life, the more you will be able to do!

Give! Give! Give!

Watch out for the "Shining Star Moments" which will be the name of my giveaways!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the Love of our Men!

Men bashing is commonly seen on movies and TV shows, read in books and heard by other women that can not get over their bad experiences. Men bashing seems to be contagious and spreads to our attitude towards any man that comes in our lives.  Negative concepts of men only brings to you men with negative behaviors. If you have ever heard of the law of attraction then you know that you attract the things that you believe and think about.

There are many good men out there, but it's easy to get blindsided with the negative ones blocking your way. You may be even holding on to a good man and not even know it. If you are focused on the things your man does wrong and not what he does right, you may let a good thing slip out of your hands. 

I consider my husband to be among those good men. How so? Let me count thy ways......(the top 10)

1. He has always supported me in my decisions

2. He is an awesome dad! How many men do you know that prefers to stay home and play with their children than hang out with friends? And speaking of that....

3. He doesn't go out without his family! If he is not working, at school he is at home. (Yes by choice) 

4. He wants the best for our family. All of his plans, goals and dreams revolves around what it can do for us!

5. His goal everyday is to make me smile at least once that day! (This is easily done because he is naturally funny and does the craziest things that I can't help but to laugh.)

6. He makes up for what I lack. I such at disciplining the children mainly because I'm too emotional and don't want them to see them sad. I'm not a morning person, he easily gets up when it's time to.

7. He does a lot around the house, in fact more then me so I have to pick up my game! He will not hesitate to vacuum, sweep and (my least favorite) cleaning the bathrooms.

8. Open and honest. He keeps our communication going. He will come to me if he is bothered by something I did or anything in general and expects me to do the same. He's a great listener when I need someone to listen, there to give me advice when I need ideas and a motivator when life is kicking my butt. 

9. He makes me feel pretty! I have never been a girly girl or felt that I was beautiful. He tells me I am and makes me feel as if I am.

10. He has never disrespected me, abused me, embarrassed me, put me down or caused me any hurt or harm in any way. He's a real man!

And before you start thinking, "Oh, she's probably some newlywed that is just in the lovey dovey stage." My husband and I have been together for 12 years, have two children ( 9 and 5 years old ) and have been through many ups and downs and still going strong!

                                                    (My husband and I in Colorado)

Make it a habit to focus on everything that is going right in your relationship. By doing this, you may bring more positive energy between the two of you. Oh and let him know once in a while what you appreciate about him. (none of us are mind readers!) 

Black men tend to have the majority reputation of being "no good" so hopefully I can start a trend. To bring awareness of "There are good men out there!" I plan on posting (almost) everyday something that my husband has done that reminds me that I have got a special man in my life. 

What things do you appreciate about the special man in your life?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog-warming Gift Card Giveaway!

Today marks the opening day of this Blog! Expect many great family and life articles. Better yet look forward to monthly and bonus giveaways!! As my blog and followers grow, I plan on doing bigger giveaways with more than one winner! I'm inviting you in and looking for some friendly introductions and advice.

I will gift one of my new friends or visitors with a $25 gift card to Amazon, Target or Walmart.

Giveaway begins January 26, 2012 12am (PT) to February 6, 2012 9pm (PT)

Winner will be emailed so make sure I have an email address! Winner will have 48 hours to respond. If no response, I will draw an alternative winner.

To enter  : Please follow all the instructions on the Rafflecopter form

Thank you for stopping by and Good luck!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Hair Story

Growing up I have never been the girly girl that I now want to be. Luckily I found a great site to do my hair care research. Long Hair Care Forum has so much information from african american women that have the same goal of having healthier hair.  I had APL length as a child

and before I went to high school I was allowed to get a relaxer. I guess I should mention that my grandmother had put a carefree curl in my hair that helped contribute to my growth (with all the moisture that a curl needed). So when I was getting ready to go to high school, I was embarrassed about having a curl (old school) when everyone else had relaxers. In order to get my relaxer though, I had to cut the curl out.  I started high school  with about one inch of relaxed hair.

With no information on how to take care of relaxed hair, I was never able to get the health or length that I wanted. I gave up trying to grow my hair and wore crochet braids throughout my high school year.

In college I turned to weaves and after getting married and having children, I grew tired of fake hair. (I could never get used to wearing wigs and didn't want to spend the money to maintain a weave.)

After reading about all the mistakes that I have been doing to my hair to hinder it's health and growth, I am working on finding the right products for me. My biggest challenge is styles, I don't use heat and I am having a hard time trying to find a style that fits me. I know the healthiest thing to do is to go natural. I have tried transitioning but having the two textures if tough and doesn't look great. I'm too chicken to cut it all off and that mainly has to do with hating my hair short. I have to al least be able to put it into a ponytail to be comfortable. So for now I am relaxed, five months post.

I am almost to shoulder length. My ultimate goal is APL, I think this would be a perfect length for me.

It's funny that for a long time, I was one of those believers that didn't think that black people could grow long hair. I also thought that if we used products that were not marketed to us, our hair would fall out...hmm the things we get put in our heads growing up. One of my favorite hair products is Nexxus! I do love to experiment with different hair products until I find one that continues to work well.

Has there been any thing that you believed about AA hair that you now find ridiculous?

Oh and any advice or comments is welcomed!