Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Hair Story

Growing up I have never been the girly girl that I now want to be. Luckily I found a great site to do my hair care research. Long Hair Care Forum has so much information from african american women that have the same goal of having healthier hair.  I had APL length as a child

and before I went to high school I was allowed to get a relaxer. I guess I should mention that my grandmother had put a carefree curl in my hair that helped contribute to my growth (with all the moisture that a curl needed). So when I was getting ready to go to high school, I was embarrassed about having a curl (old school) when everyone else had relaxers. In order to get my relaxer though, I had to cut the curl out.  I started high school  with about one inch of relaxed hair.

With no information on how to take care of relaxed hair, I was never able to get the health or length that I wanted. I gave up trying to grow my hair and wore crochet braids throughout my high school year.

In college I turned to weaves and after getting married and having children, I grew tired of fake hair. (I could never get used to wearing wigs and didn't want to spend the money to maintain a weave.)

After reading about all the mistakes that I have been doing to my hair to hinder it's health and growth, I am working on finding the right products for me. My biggest challenge is styles, I don't use heat and I am having a hard time trying to find a style that fits me. I know the healthiest thing to do is to go natural. I have tried transitioning but having the two textures if tough and doesn't look great. I'm too chicken to cut it all off and that mainly has to do with hating my hair short. I have to al least be able to put it into a ponytail to be comfortable. So for now I am relaxed, five months post.

I am almost to shoulder length. My ultimate goal is APL, I think this would be a perfect length for me.

It's funny that for a long time, I was one of those believers that didn't think that black people could grow long hair. I also thought that if we used products that were not marketed to us, our hair would fall out...hmm the things we get put in our heads growing up. One of my favorite hair products is Nexxus! I do love to experiment with different hair products until I find one that continues to work well.

Has there been any thing that you believed about AA hair that you now find ridiculous?

Oh and any advice or comments is welcomed!

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