Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the Love of our Men!

Men bashing is commonly seen on movies and TV shows, read in books and heard by other women that can not get over their bad experiences. Men bashing seems to be contagious and spreads to our attitude towards any man that comes in our lives.  Negative concepts of men only brings to you men with negative behaviors. If you have ever heard of the law of attraction then you know that you attract the things that you believe and think about.

There are many good men out there, but it's easy to get blindsided with the negative ones blocking your way. You may be even holding on to a good man and not even know it. If you are focused on the things your man does wrong and not what he does right, you may let a good thing slip out of your hands. 

I consider my husband to be among those good men. How so? Let me count thy ways......(the top 10)

1. He has always supported me in my decisions

2. He is an awesome dad! How many men do you know that prefers to stay home and play with their children than hang out with friends? And speaking of that....

3. He doesn't go out without his family! If he is not working, at school he is at home. (Yes by choice) 

4. He wants the best for our family. All of his plans, goals and dreams revolves around what it can do for us!

5. His goal everyday is to make me smile at least once that day! (This is easily done because he is naturally funny and does the craziest things that I can't help but to laugh.)

6. He makes up for what I lack. I such at disciplining the children mainly because I'm too emotional and don't want them to see them sad. I'm not a morning person, he easily gets up when it's time to.

7. He does a lot around the house, in fact more then me so I have to pick up my game! He will not hesitate to vacuum, sweep and (my least favorite) cleaning the bathrooms.

8. Open and honest. He keeps our communication going. He will come to me if he is bothered by something I did or anything in general and expects me to do the same. He's a great listener when I need someone to listen, there to give me advice when I need ideas and a motivator when life is kicking my butt. 

9. He makes me feel pretty! I have never been a girly girl or felt that I was beautiful. He tells me I am and makes me feel as if I am.

10. He has never disrespected me, abused me, embarrassed me, put me down or caused me any hurt or harm in any way. He's a real man!

And before you start thinking, "Oh, she's probably some newlywed that is just in the lovey dovey stage." My husband and I have been together for 12 years, have two children ( 9 and 5 years old ) and have been through many ups and downs and still going strong!

                                                    (My husband and I in Colorado)

Make it a habit to focus on everything that is going right in your relationship. By doing this, you may bring more positive energy between the two of you. Oh and let him know once in a while what you appreciate about him. (none of us are mind readers!) 

Black men tend to have the majority reputation of being "no good" so hopefully I can start a trend. To bring awareness of "There are good men out there!" I plan on posting (almost) everyday something that my husband has done that reminds me that I have got a special man in my life. 

What things do you appreciate about the special man in your life?

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